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Mack Strouss '66
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I don't know what got me on this, but I was thinking about Eugene Morris, and looked up his early career.  At West Texas State he was an All-American for two years.  The only thing that overshadowed him as the best college football player of his time was O.J. Simpson.  In 1967 as a junior, Morris finished 2nd in the nation to O.J. in rushing yards.  In 1968, he set collegiate records for rushing yards in a single game, rushing yards for a single season, and rushing yards over a 3-year college career.  Unfortunately O.J. broke the single-season record the week after Morris set it, and went on to win the Heisman.

At Avonworth, old timers will recall that Morris was paired up with another outstanding player, Denny Edmonds.  So with talent like that, Avonworth was going to be a pretty good football team.  Even when those guys were only sophomores they would have made an impact, but especially when they hit their peak years.

I went back and looked at the BHS yearbooks. In the 1962-1964 football seasons, when Bellevue played Avonworth with Morris and Edmonds on the team, Bellevue won all three games, allowing only 20 points total over the three years, and limiting them to two touchdowns when M & E were seniors.

This is another testament to Coaches Ceh, D'amico, Adams and Wyland 

Mack Strouss - '66

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David Manco
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I assume that you saw the Trophy Dedication pictures in the Photo Gallery section of this web site. If you didn't, take a look.

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Bob Eich
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Thanks Mack....Great information. Another reason to be proud of Bellevue High School.

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Sue Siedlarski Dudley "70"
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Mack,  We did have one awesome football team and coaches....thanks for sharing that bit of BHS history !

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Al Smith
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Along these lines, please keep checking the website for information on recognizing the members of the 1963 Class B WPIAL Football Champions, the Bellevue Bulldogs. They deserve the recognition for the 50th anniversary of this amazing accomplishment. Someone can invite the Merc if they'd like

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Dave O'Mara '70
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It was 50 years ago today that the Bulldogs gave our borough its proudest moment and put us on the map.  Thanks, Coach Ceh, for the Class B Championship!

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Jim Kitts Smalley
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It was long ago but like yesterday in my mind.  An amazing season! 

All the great memories are now locked in the minds of those who witnessed it and participated in it.  As time inevitably goes forth, fewer and fewer who actually played or watched will be left and, eventually, only news articles and old photos will remind folks of the accomplishment of the 1963 Bellevue Bulldogs.  As we all know too well, time really does not stop for anyone or anything--it marches on...   



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