Bellevue High School All Class Reunion

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Thu. 12/9 All day Ken Bado B-day
Sat. 12/11 All day Mike Conway B-day
Sun. 12/12 All day Charmain Schmidtt B-day
Fri. 12/17 All day Beatty Mineo B-day
Fri. 4/29 All day Judi Cushanick B-Day
Sun. 5/8 All day Gayle Downey B-Day
Wed. 9/14 All day Bonnie Budd Ference Taylor B-day
Sat. 9/24 All day Ron Relac B-day
Wed. 9/28 All day Bryan Kenyon B-day
Fri. 10/7 All day Vince Panucci B-day
Sat. 10/8 All day Doug Mahaven B-day
Sun. 10/9 All day Rob Stringert B-day
All day Linde Hardy
Wed. 10/12 All day Luisa Negri,
All day Claudia Kephart Bracken B-day
Wed. 10/26 All day Patty Smith, Chuck Dunn B-day
Thu. 10/27 All day Jamie Williams Stephen B-day
Sat. 10/29 All day Scott Fornauf B-day
Sat. 11/19 All day Patty Bracken B-day
Sun. 11/20 All day Michelle Parrilla Mangel, Nancy D'Antonio Camello B-Day
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